Sunday, September 18, 2016

September 16 heart data work with Loie and family memories...

[9/16/16, 10:52:16 AM]

Terran: Hi Loie do you have a moment to do some heart work?

Loie: Bill, I am here.  I am ready.  Shall we begin, Love? Loie.

Terran: Yes

Loie: I am sending you my energies, dear.  Feel me? Loie.

Terran: I do now can you boost that slightly?

Loie: Yes, Love.  Accelerating now. Loie.

Terran: Excellent!

Terran: This energy is going deeper within

Loie: I am with you now, Love.  Loie.

Terran: I see a road busy with cars slightly blurred like a telephoto lens

Terran: Say an old Ford Fairlane truck/car don't know if it's the 60s

Terran: I'm in a narrow house, feels like east coast wood paneled interior two stair cases right and left

Terran: It's 1950s-60s there a mom with a cute little blonde girl hair is shoulder length curled under at the ends bobby sox type clothing grey skirt blouse is white looks like a whit sweater

Terran: There is a Christmas tree 2nd floor feels like a relatives place

Terran: Seeing the girl as a teenager with either a brown haired friend or sister carrying groceries in

Terran: These are someone's life vignettes

Terran: I see her as a young woman Jackie O type hair in a nice car of the time

Loie: Feel your way Bill.  This is your heart, love.  Feel the answers.  Loie.

Terran: Seeing a dinning room seems to at the top of the house ceiling is peaked

Terran: Thanksgiving dinner there is a big black woman in a green Hawaiian moo moo outfit [image was unclear]

Terran: Either a black woman or a very tanned man in a Hawaiian shirt

Terran: Having a bit of trouble discerning which big person bigger than me

Terran: It's Jimmy [Heather's step father]  this is your life, Heather is here eating

Terran: Teenager I think

Terran: It's not a top room it's a scissor truss ceiling ground floor

[Scene changes to a very green park setting, location not known...]

Terran: I see green grass and a volleyball net

Terran: See a young Heather having the time of her life and a grin of joy across her face playing! So much joy I feel and lots of laughing this not a formal game feels like a park

Terran: Or back yard

Terran: Jimmy is grilling something on a grill and doing some kind of dance and making people laugh

Terran: He's a big guy

Terran: He's got a light blue shirt on and the loudest Hawaiian yellow shorts with red flowers

Terran: I feel a lot of joy and love here. My eyes are watering

Terran: How do I have this data?

Terran: The flow is strong today

Loie: Love, you have ALL of the data.  Loie.

Terran: From Source correct?

Terran: These are not my memories

Terran: Yet I feel them as if they were

Loie: Bill it is ALL of the data of ALL.  That is the Flow.  That is the feel. This is just one example.  Loie.

Terran: Wow!

Terran: It's all there isn't it?

Loie: Yes, love.  ALL. In pure love! Loie.

Terran: Amazing!

Terran: When I first was told to "look inside" I thought I was getting fobbed off but that's not the case at all..

Loie: Now, as you go within, you will learn to find what you desire, on demand.  Loie.

September 3 Conversation with Loie about two people having different perspectives of absolute data from the heart

Date: Sat, Sep 3, 2016 11:16 PM

Terran: Loie can two people have different versions of the same data in their heart or is the data absolute for ALL?

Loie: Bill, two people can have different perspectives of data. Absolute data is available to all.  Loie.

Terran: How does One know it's absolute data?

Loie: Bill. You know in your heart, love. Loie.

Terran: Loie I have had data recently that [redacted] sees differently. Is there a unique feel to absolute data?

Loie: Bill , there is only unique perspective. Loie.

Terran:  So my search for absolute answers is pointless? Truth will be relative to individual perspective?

Terran: I know these seem like nit picking points but I was trained in logic as a programmer...  But this is an issue I have to sort out to have confidence in what I pull from inside. 

Terran: I'm okay if not everyone gets the same data if that is quite normal and to be expected. 

Loie: Bill. Your search is not .pointless.  Data is absolute yet on occasion, perspectives allow for some interpretation of the data to be different. Loie.
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